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My name is Alexander Shalom Joseph. It's said in the Talmud that there are three ways to live a just life: study, prayer and acts of loving kindness–I think of my writing and work as a teacher as a mix of all three. 
My book of prose poetry, Our Mother, The Mountain, from Middle Creek press ws published in March of 2022 and is available here. My novella The Last of the Light, is forthcoming from Orison Books in Summer of 2022. My debut book of short stories, American Wasteland, was published by Owl Canyon Press in August of 2021 and can be purchased here. My poetry Chapbook, Buttons and Bones, was published by above/ground press in 2021 and can be purchased here 

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Readings / Samples / Interviews


I recently was featured at a reading at the Society of the Muse of the Southwest (SOMOS), here is a link to that reading!


A short story called: "I Met Myself"


I was interviewed by Poetry Mini Interviews as well as Boulder Jewish News. 


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